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I'm unwilling to do that.

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You don't want to pay more than you have to, right?

I almost kissed Ramon.

We better go.

Let's give Jay a little time.

Mario fell asleep as soon as the movie began.

We wouldn't mind helping them.

The two daughters are the second generation.

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Nothing that's happened here makes any sense.

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Plastic is out shoveling snow.


Polly had no intention of saying anything.

Look, I've changed my mind.

Isaac checked the equipment.

I'm Claudia's ex.

If for some reason that happened, what would you do?

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We're meant for each other.

They helped each other with homework.

He made use of every opportunity to become famous.

This is gold.

Christopher Columbus drank unfiltered seawater.


Patricio forced me to follow him to his room.

Skip struggled to express how he felt.

Tuition fees must be paid not later than the 25th of this month.


The third is the preservation of environment. In this case, the conservation of energy and resources is needed.


Ninja hopes he won't be eating leftovers again tonight.


My brother is in Australia now.


The dress is of silk.

I really don't think I can do that.

Some retarded teenager is assailing the statistics again.

They incited him to commit the crime.

England was once torn by civil war.

He lay face up.

Thanks for staying with us.

If he's not your boyfriend, then why are you sleeping with him?

We're nowhere near the border.

If your friend reminds you kindly of your faults, take what he says not only pleasantly, but thankfully.

She waved her hand to me, smiling brightly.

I got my driving licence on the second time I tried to pass the driving test.

I'm thinking of taking you to see Mr Jenkins.

Max is good at technical stuff, isn't he?

He confessed to being a liar.

I love her from the bottom of my heart.

Phill and Huey have a son.

That water is very pure.

I don't want to write with this pen.

You have to focus.

They set up a fund to support the victims.

The teacher called the roll in class.

We're not going to let Lea do that.


Mark's book is very interesting.

I was sleeping.

With whom do I have the honor to speak?

Hungarian is my native language.

Kirsten was very lucky.

The general opinion is against the war.

Guess what I want to talk about.

Jeanne never married.

He is as skillful a surgeon as ever lived.


You'll wish you'd gone with us.

You really should've gone by yourself.

He did what he promised to do for us.


The factory had to cut back its production.

Rodney wore a patch on his eye for several days.

Cathy was a stock broker.


I spent a lot of time with them.

However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light.

I restrained myself from commenting on my beloved friend this time.


Sorry, can you repeat your name?

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Astronauts are scheduled to exercise approximately two hours per day to maintain their health while on the ISS.

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I'm not staying here.

Vaughn had a feeling that Marion would be late.

We'll follow Carolyn.

I played tennis with my brother.

I don't care about the risk.

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It left me speechless.

The Red Cross constantly supplies food to the disaster areas.

I only asked you the question out of curiosity.

All Melinda does is play video games.

Leave me.

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I'd like to have a girl the first time. Look, they say 'First a girl, then a boy' don't they?


This is a sentence that I don't know how to translate.


For my birthday he gave me a broom and told me to get myself to work.

Julie likes stories.

He peddled his "miracle cure" to desperate cancer patients.

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Each one does as he likes.

Let's dine out tonight. I'm too tired to cook.

How long do you think Jayesh will be gone?

I could go there now.

I am relying on you to be honest.

Is that still giving you problems?

Until then.

I come from America.

Willingness to correct is a sign of wisdom.

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Where was the police?


A gross is a dozen, dozens.

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There was no one there but me.


I want to know when you're planning to leave.

A runner must pass the baton in a relay race.

The barber gave him a haircut.

Ro is probably a bit older than Krzysztof.

Kevan was just trying to help.

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Laurianne eventually pleaded guilty.

He doesn't appear to be wise, does he?

So what happens next?

She said that they were good friends of hers.

I scarcely slept a wink.

The truth?

The plot twists were predictable.

Did you buy me those?

If a tiger suddenly appeared in front of me, I'd be scared to death.


Could we take you somewhere else?


We'll settle on that.

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Gunnar held his breath till he got to the surface.


We'll call them.

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Metal contracts when cooled.

This boy is from Columbia.

Maria Callas is a famous opera singer.


Hughes said he'd be ready soon.

I studied Italian in Firenze, not in Peruja.

It's just that I admire you.

I haven't done any of the things you've asked me to do.

Water freezes at 0 degrees Centigrade.

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The hostages were bound and gagged.


Before they let us use the software, we had to sign a confidentiality agreement to say we would not release anything about it to the public.

I can't explain it to you.

I'm not so sure it was time to leave.


That's only part of the truth.

God help thee, brother, as thou hast so helped two of us.

It was dark in the forest.

I don't see a single way out!

The next year, World War I broke out.


Tobias runs a food bank in London.

Kee and I used to share an apartment.

You didn't recognize me, did you?

She's beautiful, too.

Do you have much time to spare?

I didn't want to upset him.

Sherman got a 100% in chemistry.

Maybe I'll be able to help you.

Sometimes I forget to breathe.


I want to tell you the truth.

Let's start the meeting now.

Don't take any prisoners.

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That's pure speculation.

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This isn't about them.

Jones slapped me.

What're you discussing?

Can I come to you this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon?

Hsuan will kill again.


We can't even be certain that it was Samuel we saw.

I'll go meet her soon.

Hans is being denied medical treatment.


I take vitamins every day.

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We'll see you when we get home.

I'd be happy if you'd come.

I'm not correcting your exercises.